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DDD Plier-Style Resistance Soldering System theMiniPOT Soldering Pot 60 Watt Industrial Grade Soldering Station 550 Watt, 1-1/8 Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron
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Plier-Style Resistance
Soldering System
Soldering Pot
60 Watt Industrial
Soldering Station
550 Watt Heavy-Duty
Soldering Iron

Solder PotAs you may be aware, a solder pot is used to melt fairly large quantities of solder. Even though you may only use a solder pot for dipping component leads, you will find that all kinds of problems can develop.

Among other things, if you purchase a cheap solder pot, all of the residue from solder impurities will float to the top. From there, you will find it much harder to coat leads with solder that will actually make a good joint. As with other types of soldering equipment, you will be well served by only buying the best quality products for your workshop.

Best Solder Pot For Your Needs

When you are searching for a solder pot, it is important to realize that the skimming unit is not the only part that can fail. Unfortunately, when you purchase a cheap solder pot, the main element may burn out faster than expected. At the same time, a solder pot with a bad thermostat can easily create a situation where solder will cool in the pot and be ruined.

No matter how you look at it, this can waste all kinds of time and money. While some may consider a solder pot a matter of convenience, you are sure to find in indispensable for certain applications.

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