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Replacing the electrodes on your American Beauty Micro Tweezer handpiece

The iron I received is so beautiful that I didn't want to plug it in and tarnish it! I did however and used it to solder 10 and 4AWG wire already. The new lipo rc charge station at the club field is now functional. Next will be the addition of solar support as donations come in. More 4-6AWG soldering! I passed the iron around before powering it up. The electric plane modelers with their small irons were impressed! They haven't seen anything this big or shinny in a soldering iron before!

The cleaning kit was a surprise and I've already watched your videos on how to use it to keep the iron in great shape for years to come. We all thank you and your company so much.

Glen Roe, Electrical Director, San Fernando Valley RC Flyers @ Apollo RC Field.

I just wanted to express sincere appreciation for the time you dedicated to me this afternoon to review my question related to lead-free solder and your solder irons. It's extremely rare when any manufacturer anywhere takes such an interest in a [very] small customer. It's real old school. And it's always nice to speak with someone in the States, and more, someone who obviously knows his product intimately. I'm used to either gum-cracking teenagers who's only thought is how to get off the line as quickly as possible, or some guy on the other side of the world reading through a badly translated on-line manual for a product he's never touched. That's the way it goes today. :-(

With your help, I was able to select the appropriate solder for my little project and look forward to future creations.

Brian, New York

From your soldering irons, soldering tips, to having an actual live person that answers the phone...I'd like to thank everyone at American Beauty Tools. Having spoken yesterday with Kim about how my passion has been found at the age of 52, from always having had the desire to do Stained Glass, to finally buckling down to do it. After going thru many soldering guns and tips, I finally found you and one thing is for certain - yours is a company I will keep on speed dial :D

Diane Watters, Watters Construction

I am truly pleased and impressed by everyone at American Beauty Tools for taking such care of a very minor order. Your firm obviously sets high standards for quality products and customer service.

Jeff H from Old Iron Works in Seattle, WA
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