Model # 3112-50

50 Watt, 1/4" Pencil-Style Soldering Iron


I bought my 50 Watt, 1/4" Pencil-Style Soldering Iron back in April 1967 when I worked building test equipment for the F-111 project. It was used 5 days a week for 2 years until I got drafted. Since then, it's been used for many electronic and electrical projects. Recently, I thought the heating element had gone bad when it wouldn't heat. However, further testing proved that the element was still good, even after 53 years but the cordset had worn out. So I ordered a new cord and with some minor filing, I was able to make the new cord work with my old handle. WORKS LIKE NEW. GREAT quality. The element may outlive me, now nearing 73!! THANK YOU for making a quality product and continuing to support it!

Jim W

"Now that I've used an American Beauty, I'll never use another Weller again!" Cleon W. in Imro, SC.

Cleon makes unique items (Gun Holster,Water Bottle Holder,Belt) from rope and uses American Beauty Irons to melt and fuse the rope.

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Product Overview
The little guy that really packs a punch! Designed in the same fashion as our heavy-duty soldering irons, these pencil-style irons are certainly not your average hobby iron. Referred to as production-ready, these irons repeatedly perform hard soldering applications, day in and day out. The combination of intense heat and unmatched durability yields a pencil iron that can proudly be called an American Beauty and makes a versatile tool in any maintenance and repair operation. (Stand Included)


Ni-Chrome Compression Wound Heating Elements are proven to be the most reliable heating element for maintaining soldering temperature in production environments.

Paragon Iron-Clad Lead-Free Soldering Iron Tips consistently outperform and outlast ordinary soldering iron tips many times over.

Plug-style tip design provides for superior heat transfer and easy cleaning.

Modular construction allows for easy replacement of consumable parts allowing for tools to last for generations.


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Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to:
  1. Soldering conductor of neon light bulb to create hermetic seal
  2. Soldering in-field service calls
  3. Soldering wire to large copper area
  4. Soldering in the process of jewlery making
  5. Repairing electronic assembly
  6. Soldering audio cables
  7. Soldering electrical panel components
  8. Soldering stained glass
Creating a hermetic seal on a neon bulb assembly
Proper soldering iron maintenance


Standard Tip StyleScrewdriver
Wattage50 watts
Maximum Temperature1050 °F / 566°C
Stand included?Yes
Available in a 220-240 VAC?Yes, available upon request
Tip Diameter.25 in
Product Length7.75 in / 19.69 cm
Product Width2.00 in / 5.08 cm
Product Height2.00 in / 5.08 cm
Package Weight.55 lbs / 0.25 kg
Country of OriginUS
Harmonization Code:8515.11.0000
RoHS CompliantYes
IEC 60335-1, Edition 5.1, 2013-12Yes
IEC 60335-2-45, Edition 3.2, 2012-01Yes
WEEE CompliantYes
CE CertifiedYes
Understanding Tip MeasurementsExplanation
Warranty PolicyDetails
User ManualUser Manual
Product Lgth9.75
C of C   
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