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American Beauty Tinel-Lock Ring System

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Are you sick and tired of searching the internet for the resistance based Tinel-Lock® ring tool that is called out in Raychem/TE Connectivity specs world-wide?  Well guess what...we were sick & tired as well and decided to do something about it.  We have always supplied the power unit that was incorporated into the officially recommended RH-396X system, so we reverse engineered the hand-piece from the RH-396X system and threw in a couple improvements.  We are now happy to provide a legitimate source for this valuable tool.   

The Tinel-Lock® ring is made from a special shape memory metal that shrinks uniformly when heated.The Tinel-Lock® ring is used to terminate copper cable braid directly onto the rear of the adaptor. The adaptor entry size and ring designator must be selected to suit the cable diameter and braid type.

Tinel-Lock® rings are most effectively applied using a manually operated resistance heating tool.  These tools are  designed specifcally to install Tinel-Lock® ring screened terminations in small batches of less than 15 six second installations.  The tool you see here accommodates Tinel Rings from size TR04 to TR24 inclusive.  The operator uses the hand-held tool to install the Tinel-Lock ring in its correct position on the screened terminations.  The Tinel-Lock ring has two patches of thermochromic paint on the Tinel-Lock ring.  The operator positions the Tinel-Lock ring on the terminations, with at least one of the patches of thermochromic paint visible.  The Tinel-Lock Ring is then clamped in the jaws to start the installation.  Installation is complete when the thermochromic paint turns black.

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