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Model PSK300

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300 Watt Professional Soldering Kit (Lead-Free)
Our story, which led to your 300 Watt Professional Soldering Kit, began with a harsh reality of agricultural life here in Africa. Maize, or corn, is the primary staple in the East African diet, and as such is the most widely grown crop. Unfortunately, traditional maize storage is so limited in quality and security (wood crates) that it is said that approximately 25% of a farmers total crop is lost to pests throughout the year...and that is even after TWO applications of pesticides. A revolutionary movement (at least to East Africa) is spreading through NW Kenya - metal grain silos . I found a local artisan to train us on the fabrication, using traditional and antiquated tools, but I wanted tools of a higher quality to give us the best chance for success. This led me to American Beauty Tools (ABT), well known in the metalworking community for outstanding soldering tools and accessories. Now I can say that not only does ABT have quality tools, but the customer service was off the charts - patient with my questions, customizing the product to fit my power needs, and rushing the order so I could get it onto my flight back to Kenya. Thank you, American Beauty, for helping me change lives here in Kenya in a very practical and sustainable way. Not only can the common rural farmer reduce his maize loss by up to 25%, he can do so while reducing his families exposure to toxic pesticides. We consider our efforts here at Open Arms Children's home a collaboration of efforts from many sources. We have parents and workers from many different Kenyan tribes, we have volunteers like myself from different nations, and we have received support from every corner of the globe - and now from American Beauty Tools!

A very grateful customer and partner,

Ted Whiteman, a volunteer and missionary with Open Arms Interntional in Mlango, Kenya

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American Beauty's professional soldering kits combine our work-horse soldering irons with every imaginable accessory required to help you produce the best solder joints, all in one rugged carrying case. The combination of intense heat and unmatched durability yields a Heavy-duty iron that can proudly be called an American Beauty and makes a versatile tool in any maintenance and repair operation. We've talked to solder professionals across all disciplines in order to understand what's necessary to get the job done and preserve the investment in your tool. Whether it be high quality lead-free solder, fluxing agent, cleaning and tinning tools, stands and solder removal devices, you'll find it in this kit.