American Beauty cross-overs for Esico-Triton

Tired of waiting for an ETI part. Give us a try

We've taken a few of Esico-Triton's more popular tools and offered links to our suggested cross-over.  All recommendations should be taken as functional equivalents, not exact matches.  If you don't see the exact ETI part that your currently looking to source, don't fret.  We've likely got a tool that will get your job done.  You might just have to give us a call or email, but don't worry...we respond to our customers.

Solder Pots  

ETI Part Number      Description          AB Part Number
PD74 Large, Deep-well Digital Solder Pot D-900
PD24 Digital Solder Pot (1 lbs) D-300
PD24-LF Digital Solder Pot (1 lbs) w. Ceramic Crucible D-300C
PD33 Digital Solder Pot (4 lbs) D-600
PD33-LF Digital Solder Pot (4 lbs) w. Ceramic Crucible D-600C
12T 250 Watt, 3/4 lbs Capacity w. Thermostat 300
37T 650 Watt, 5 lbs Capacity w. Thermostat 600


Soldering Irons

ETI Part Number      Description          AB Part Number
A29204 200 Watt (5/8") A3158-200
A29254 250 Watt (5/8") A3158X-250
A61304 130 Watt (3/8") A3138-130
A61506 150 Watt (3/8") A3138-150
A94404 40 Watt (1/4") A3125-40
A94606H 60 Watt (1/4") Hatchet Style A3125E-60

Soldering Tips

ETI Part Number      Description          AB Part Number
T1010119 5/8"Dia, Chisel  44C
T1030101 5/8"Dia, Diamond 44D
T1020115 5/8"Dia, Screwdriver 44S
T610102 3/8"Dia, Chisel Long 43LC-T
T620383 3/8"Dia,Semi-Chisel 43S
T630107 3/8"Dia,Diamond 43D
T410120 1/4"Dia, Chisel 704
T420119 1/4"Dia, Screwdriver 721
T420135 1/4"Dia, Screwdriver 715
T440177 1/4"Dia, Conical 724

Resistance Soldering

American Beauty Tools offers the widest variety of resistance soldering systems anywhere in the world.  Take a moment to review our site and then contact us at your convenience to spec the correct equipement for your job.  We'd love to simply offer up an Apples to Apples chart as you see above, but unfortunately, its not quite so simple when it comes to this type of equipment.  (800) 550-2510

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